Food Safety Resources

Safe food handling, storage and preparation methods are key to reducing the risk of food borne illness.  Food poisoning results from eating foods that contain enough harmful bacteria to cause illness.  Although often mistaken as a viral illness, like the 24-hour flu, Health Canada estimates that there are about 4 million or 1 in 8 Canadians effected by foodborne illnesses each year.  All foods, including fruits and vegetables, have the potential to cause illness since bacteria can exist on all surfaces.  Wash all fruits and vegetables, including those that you peel or cut, like melons, oranges or cucumbers.

Food handling safety risks are more common than most people think. REMEMBER – You can’t tell if food is safe by smelling or looking at it. IF IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Cherie Hardie at 613-966-1170 ex 2377 or to speak with a Public Health inspector, contact the Environmental Health Department at 613-966-5513 ex 677.

“I come to Food for Learning because mom doesn’t have a lot of money and I forget to eat though the day we don’t have a lot.” – Grade 12

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