Every day in Hastings and Prince Edward counties students wake up, some eagerly, some reluctantly, to get ready to start their day. However not all morning routines look the same. For some students the morning may not include a healthy meal. For several reasons, students in our neighbourhoods are making their way to the classroom hungry. When students arrive at school hungry, they are welcomed by a nutritious meal through a Food for Learning program.


When you see a bus full of students or a sidewalk full of smiling children making the trek to school each morning, know that not all students are ready to start their day ready to learn. But you can help. By donating to Food for Learning, you can help ensure that food is available for all students.


Hungry students cannot be fully engaged in their learning. When students eat better, they learn better! When children receive the nourishment they need to grow and thrive, they have better interactions with their peers and they are able to focus and concentrate. Food for Learning programs impact both the emotional and physical health of children and youth who access food daily. We need this to continue without interruption. Please consider supporting your local student nutrition programs.


The significant rise in food costs is not only impacting families, but also schools, though the food at school is free for students, it still comes with a price for local schools. Some schools struggle to meet the demands of their grocery bills. Food for Learning needs your helps to provide funding to schools to ensure that all programs can continue at full capacity (5 days per week, 3 food groups per meal) for the rest of the school year.


As more families are relying on Food for Learning programs to stretch their home grocery budgets more students are participating in their school’s programs than before. With the pandemic behind us, Food for Learning programs are slowly returning to a pre-covid food delivery model where food is prepared at the school and students eat their meals and snacks together, family style to provide a sense of belonging at school. Food for Learning is facing an operating deficit for the first time in many many years. Extra funding that was available during the pandemic is no longer, yet the need and cost of food has increased.


How you can help!

And please join us at one of these fun events that where funds will be raised for local Food for Learning programs.


On Saturday, May 6, 2023 join us for a pancake breakfast at the Duncan McDonald Memorial Arena. Tickets $10 (adults) $5 (children under 10) at the door. After breakfast, walk over to the edge of the river and cheer on those participating in the 40th Annual Kiwanis Walleye World Fishing Derby.


You do not want to miss this year’s Student Benefit Auction. After a three year break, this great event is back! On Friday, June 2, 2023 you can join us at The Grand, 70 Harder Drive in Belleville. Not only will there be over 100 items up for bid in a silent auction, you will also be attending a cocktail party with DJ and dancing. 

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