Megan Prevost, Child and Youth Worker, Food for Learning Program Lead, Holy Rosary Catholic School

Bill and Cheryl Williams have been tirelessly volunteering within the school walls of Holy Rosary Catholic School for three years now and have quickly become the backbone of our Food for Learning program (Breakfast Club). Without their caring, nurturing, and dedicated help, the students would be missing out on interactions based on love and food! They come in Monday through to Friday, sacrificing 2-3 hours each day, ensuring each child receives a nutritious and delicious start to their day.

Regardless of what is going on around them, they put on their warmest smile and serve food with such kindness and care, while Bill finds moments to add in his witty humor at any point he can. The children respond so positively to their seasonal decorations (including dancing and singing hats – they exist), inviting smiles, kindness, and witty jokes. They have truly turned our morning Breakfast Club into a morning surrounded by love and help provide a gentle reminder that each student matters and is cared for. They can bake, cook, think on their feet, all while boosting fruits and veggies in fun new ways for the kiddos. We here at Holy Rosary Catholic School value and appreciate Bill and Cheryl for everything they do for our school community. We could not do it without them!

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