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Webtracker is a web-based database developed by Digital Ideas (London, ON) to assist with the collection and management of data related to student nutrition programs.  Webtracker is used by all schools in the South East Region, along with many other regions of the province.

This database allows program sites to enter monthly data reports, analyze year to date statistics, submit annual registration, manage funding, place food hub orders, submit receipts, provide feedback and access resources.  You will find instructions and information on the various sections of the database on this website.

Each program site has been assigned a unique log in and password for Webtracker.  Below is the login screen – click here to access Webtracker.

Once you log into Webtracker, this is the screen you will see.

Along the top, under your school’s information, you will find financial information related to funding provided by Food for Learning.  You may receive financial support from Food for Learning, and our partners, in three ways:

  • Cash
  • Grocery Cards
  • Allocated funds for food ordered through a food hub

The second row in the top chart shows how much funding, in each category, was allocated to your school.  The third line shows the balance in each of those categories.

The cash and card balances are the amount of receipts that are still outstanding that need to be submitted to show that the grant provided has been spent.

The hub balance shows how much is available to spend for the current school year.

On this screen you will also see tabs connecting you to all other sections of Webtracker, which will help you to manage information related to your student nutrition programs.

Client Reports

Click Show.

This summary is broken down into three parts, each providing you will valuable year to date information.  It is suggested that you run this report frequently throughout the year to review and analyze information related to your student nutrition programs.

The first section shows you all information that has been entered into your monthly reports so far this year.  This is a great way to see how many total meals have been served, to evaluate your total expenses, to verify that you have entered in a donation, etc.  Instead of going through each past month one at a time, you can see all information here in one place.

Note:  not all columns are showing in this screen shot.  There is a column for each field of the monthly report.  To simplify this chart, to only see what you are interested in, click the TO EXCEL button on the top left corner.  This chart will be exported into Excel, which will allow you to manipulate it to suit your needs.

The second section shows you a list of any cash, grocery cards or in-kind donations provided to your schools through Food for Learning.  In the monthly report, you are to only enter donations that you receive from sources other than Food for Learning.  Here is where you see all support provided from Food for Learning.  A donation cannot appear in both the monthly summary chart above and this list.  If so, it will be double counted.  If you notice a double entry, please contact one of the Food for Learning staff to help with a correction.

The third section will show you the total amount your programs have spent on food orders, through a food hub, so far this year.  If you do not use a food hub, then this will not appear on your screen.


If you receive food through a food hub, you can use this report to see purchases of product you have made so far this year.

Select the date range for the time period you want information for and then select your hub from the Vendor drop down menu (Belleville schools will select Belleville FreshCo and Trenton schools will select Quinte West).

This report will give you a detailed list of each food item that you have ordered, the quantity and how much you spent on that item, as shown in the example below.

Receipt Submission
Receipts are required for all funding provided through Food for Learning  – both cash and gift cards.  Receipts are not required for funds that are not provided through Food for Learning.  Information regarding additional revenue and expenses are captured in your monthly reports.

All receipts are to be submitted online through Webtracker.  The total value of receipts required will be indicated on the top of your screen.  As receipts are submitted, the amount showing as Remaining will decrease.  The Remaining balance for cash and cards notes the total amount of receipts that still need to be submitted this year.

How to submit your receipts:

  • Scan and copy your months’ worth of receipts and save it, as a pdf file, on your computer
  • Total all receipts (please double check your math – you would be surprised how many addition errors we find when reviewing receipts!!!)
  • Click on the + sign (located on the top left corner beside Upload Date)

  • Complete each of the fields.
    • Date:  date you are completing the upload
    • Staff:  your Webtracker login will automatically show up here – just leave as is
    • Description:  you will select cash for the purchases made with payment or on store credit and select cards ONLY if you are redeeming a grocery store gift card that was provided by Food for Learning.  Please note: if you are using a grocery card that you purchased with FFL funding do not enter it under cards, you would submit the receipts for the food purchased when redeeming that card and not for the card purchase itself.
    • Receipt amount:  enter the total of all receipts that are being submitted with the file you are attaching
      **  We suggest that you enter the month you are submitting receipts for, or some other identifier, in the Note section to help you keep track.  Please don’t send messages to us through this note section – there is no guarantee that we will see it in a timely manner.  This is for notes to help you manage your receipt submissions.
    • File:  click Browse to find the file on your computer where you saved the scanned copies of the receipts you are submitting
  • Click Save and Close on the top when complete.

As receipts are submitted, you will see them listed.

Hub Orders

For those schools receiving their groceries through one of the two food hubs (Fresh Co in Belleville or Trenton Cold Storage in Trenton) this screen is how you place your weekly orders.

Select the Orders tab from your main screen.  Then click the  +  sign to start your food order.

This will take you to the order form.  You will see an option to select Quinte West OR Belleville.  Please make sure you are placing your order through the correct hub location.

SCHOOL ORDER NOTES – This is for your use only.  Information entered in this section will not be seen by Food for Learning staff in a timely manner.  If you require items not on the order form, please email Cherie Hardie at chardie@hpedsb.on.ca with your request.

ORDER NOTES – Orders are due each Tuesday by midnight and need to be picked up the following Tuesday, unless otherwise advised due to holidays.

Below the school information, you will see an extensive grocery list organized by food group, with non-food consumable supplies at the bottom.  You will enter, under QUANTITY, how much of each item you will require that week.  Please pay close attention to case size to help you with your volume.  For example, if you enter 2 under quantity of Apples – Grills Orchards you will be receiving approximately 100 apples (NOT 2 apples) – as the description notes , this case size is ½ bushel which is approximately 50 apples.

On the bottom of your order, you will see the approximate cost of your food order for the week.  There may be some changes after your order has been submitted (due to fluctuating food costs).  These adjustments will be made for you.

Once you have completed your order click the SAVE and CLOSE button at the top left hand corner of the order form.  Please only click the SAVE button once.  If there is a delay and you click the SAVE button again, the order will be submitted twice.  If you notice that this has happened, please contact Cherie Hardie at chardie@hpedsb.on.ca immediately.

On the top of your file, regardless of where you are in Webtracker, you will see your school information, funding allotments and remaining balances.  As you submit food orders, the value of each order will be deducted from the amount of funding you have available for hub orders for the year (Hub) and will calculate your remaining balance (Remaining).  Please check in frequently to ensure that you do not exceed the funds that have been allotted to your school.

If you have any questions or require assistance with your food order, please contact Cherie Hardie, Food & Logistics Coordinator, at 613-966-1170, ext. 2377.

Monthly Entry


Monthly reports are due the 7th of the month following the month you are reporting for (example:  If you are reporting for September, your submission is due October 7th)


1) How many days was each program available this month?

Please enter the number of days in the month, that each program you are offering, was available to students.

2) Number of meals and snacks prepared this month

Please develop a method to determine the number of meals and snacks prepared each month.  A simple tally sheet migh help to keep track of the meals and snacks prepared daily.  You will add each day’s tally together to get the monthly total: for snacks you would need to provide items from 2 food categories (a fruit/vegetable plus  + one other)  so 1 snack = 2 food items; and for a breakfast you need to provide items from all 3 food categories (fruit/vegetable + protein + grain).


3) Monthly Revenue

You will enter all cash that you receive this month foryour Food for Learning program, from each of the various sources listsed (all non-cash donations are recorded below under In Kind donations).  Please note:  any funding that you receive from or through Food forLearning will be entered into Webtracker for you.  Please to not enter these amounts again in your monthly report

To see a list of payments entered by Food for Learning staff, click on the Client Reports tab in Webtracker.  Choose Montly Summary and then click on the Show button.  Here you will see three grouping of information:

  • The first chart shows all data that has been entered through your monthly reports so far this year. This is a great way to review your stats and ensure accuracy.
  • The second chart shows a list of all payments and in-kind donations made to your program by Food for Learning so far this year. Please check this periodically to ensure tha tyou haven’t missed anything.
  • The thirt chart shows a total value of all food that has been ordered from Findlay Foods for your school’s Food for Learning programs so far this year.

4) Monthly Expenses

Under Monthly Expenses, you will enter how much, in total, was spent by your school for food/suppplies needed to operate your Food for Learning prorams.  You will ONLY enter the total amount that was spent this month on purchases made while shopping at a grocery store.  Please DO NOT enter the value of your orders from Findlay Foods, the database automatically captures these totals as you place your weekly orders.

5) In Kind Donations

Please record here any donations that your received, this month,  that was NOT cash (for example, if a parent donated food or supplies).  Estimate the value of all non-cash donations received, and please be sure to indicated where the donatios came from and what items were donated.  Any food items that you receive by or through Food for Learning will be entered into Webtracker for you.  Please DO NOT enter these items in your Monthly Report (such as donated milk from Reid’s or the yogurt donated by Breakfast Club of Canada).  You can see a list of what has been entered by checking your Client Report (see #3 above for instructions)


6) How many hours did volunteers contribute to your program this month?

Total hours combined for all people contributing to your program during the month (remember that all people who help with your nutrition program are considered volunteers – they could be teacher’s, EAs, youth workers, community volunteers, parents, students.  This will capture the total effort required to operate your Food for Learning programs each month.

7) Number of new volunteers this month

Each month you will only need to enter any new volunteers to your program, for each of the categories – parents, staff, community, students (in the first column New this month).  The Year to Date totals will automatically calculate.


Once all eight pieces of information are entered into your report, please be sure to provide your name at the bottom of the screen in the Completed By box.  This is how Webtracker will recognize that your data has been entered.

  • When all required boxes have been filled, go back to the top of the page and click Save and Submit
  • You will be back at your school’s main page and you will see your name next to the month that you just entered data for – you can go back to this month to make changes up until the 7th of the following month. After the 7th you will not be able to enter any new data or make any corrections, however, you will be able to review any data previously entered.  If you ever notice an error in your data but the date is past when you can make changes yourself, please contact any member of the Food for Learning staff and they can make the corrections for you.


Annual Program Renewal
Each school is required to complete and submit a program renewal package in June for the following school year.  To begin select Renewal tab from the main screen and then choose the year you are providing information for.

As you go through the tabs to complete the renewal package, please reflect and predict what the NEXT school year will look like, based on the programs that were provided this school year and taking into consideration any major program changes that are anticipated

Please read all instructions on each tab of the renewal very carefully. Instructions vary from tab to tab and will provide you with directions to help with the completion of your renewal.

Tab 1 is your school’s general information – please review and ensure it is complete and accurate

Tab 2 is your program details – the programs you list here are those that will be considered for funding.  Your programs must meet eligibility criteria (i.e. program must be offered 3 x per week; programs must be universally accessible, all food served must meet the MCYS Nutrition Guidelines, etc.).  You must also track the activity of each program offered and be prepared to report monthly next year for each of the programs you register for.

Please provide information in each box, for each program you are registering for.

To complete this section, please provide information on how students are involved in your student nutrition programs AND explain how your programs are universally accessible.

Tab 3 is your funding request.

  • To help complete Tab 3, Funding Request, you can review your current year’s information in the  Monthly Summary Report found under Client Reports in Webtracker. This provides a snapshot of all information provided through your monthly reports throughout the year.  Here you will be able to see all program expenses and revenue that were entered into Webtracker.  This should help with your budget projections for next year.
  • When filling out the Funding Request, Tab 3, be sure to input a value for each line, or else the Amount of Funding Requested will not auto calculate. If a source of revenue is not anticipated, be sure to enter 0 (but remember, all schools are required to supplement the funding that is received from Food for Learning with your own source of funds – 0’s in all revenue lines will be considered an incomplete application)

Tab 4 of the renewal, Program Impact, is an opportunity for you to provide your feedback on the student nutrition programs at your schools.  This is a critical component which captures the importance of student nutrition programs. Being able to share with donors, the community and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services the importance of these programs will help increase funding and sustainability of the programs.  Please take the time to share your opinions, thoughts and stories.  Please answer all questions.

Tab 5, Supporting Documents, is a list of important documents and resources that will assist with the implementation of your student nutrition programs.  Please review these at your convenience to become familiar with the information available within each one.  These should be shared with volunteers and school administrators as well.

You will also find links to many of these resources under the Nutrition Tips section of this website.

Tab 6, Sign Off and Submit, is our agreement.  Please read each line of this page carefully. When you submit that both the coordinator and principal agree, it equates to signing an agreement.  The clicking of I AGREE indicates a commitment to fulfil the obligations set out on this page.

  • Sign off must be completed by BOTH the site coordinator and school principal/site manager before SUBMISSION.  Please ensure that both review the contents of the renewal and when satisfied with the information provided, click on the I AGREE button on tab 6 before clicking SUBMIT.


On the bottom of each tab there is a SAVE button. On the last page there is BOTH SAVE and SUBMIT. DO NOT click SUBMIT until the renewal is entirely completed. You may SAVE and continue as you go, but SUBMIT will finalize the renewal and you will not be able to make changes.  Once you click SUBMIT, the SAVE & SUBMIT buttons will disappear and you will only be able to review what has been entered

Please remember, that your funding is directly related to the information provided in this renewal package.  Please give it your best attention and be as specific, realistic, thorough, and accurate as you can when completing each tab.

The program renewal package is open and available for completion annually for the month of June. Renewals must be completed and submitted no later than July 4th.  The SAVE or SUBMIT buttons will no longer appear AFTER July 4th, so you will not be able to enter any required data.  Funding allocations per school will be completed over the summer. We cannot guarantee funding if your school’s renewal package is incomplete or not submitted.

“By taking the trays to our classrooms- it promotes an inclusive environment and promotes healthy eating/food choices for all students.” – School Staff

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